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Many thanks to everyone . . .
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Joe Herzanek 630 K•HOW, Denver

> Our shows, guests, callers and sponsors were fantastic. Everyone at 630 KHOW did a wonderful job producing our show.
Many thanks to all.

> This website, the blog and it's show archive will remain available.

> We'll continue to post info promoting our guests, sponsors and Changing Lives.


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Another Fork in the Road

Dear Friends of Changing Lives Foundation and Eye on Addiction Radio,

We've come to yet another fork in the road. We love what we were able to accomplish with our radio program. Our shows, guests, callers and sponsors were fantastic. Many thanks to all.

Sadly, we did not get all the sponsors we needed to continue on Clear Channel’s powerful 630KHOW station. The ever-expanding drug, alcohol and prescription medication abuse plague won't be going away anytime soon.

If not us, then we pray someone—will keep this discussion going (over the airwaves). Families need answers and hope. As a society we can no longer afford to ignore 'the elephant in the room.' 

We know that alcohol and drug addiction, left untreated only gets worse over time. I think the same can be said about our nation's "denial" of the whole problem—as evidenced by it's "silence and inaction."

We will never completely bring this to an end—but with education, dialogue and understanding, via appropriate formats we can slow its' growth dramatically.

Tens of thousands of men, women and children pay the ultimate price EVERY YEAR for our silence. It should not be this way.

We'll keep everyone posted as we move forward.

Grace and peace,  

Joe and Judy Herzanek

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